Tiffany and Corey Greggs are the epitome of black love and their relationship with the cannabis plant is a major part of their marriage story. The hilarious couple had no problem getting candid about weed being an important part of their relationship. Tiffany works in the cannabis industry as an influencer and in a gallery in Washington, D.C., while Corey is a certified Reiki master and energy healing practitioner. They never hid their cannabis use from each other, and they say weed has been part of their relationship since the beginning.

The married couple discusses the importance of therapy and weed in a marriage

Cannabis couple Tiffany and Corey are the epitome of black love. They share how smoking weed helps their marriage.

It’s always so important for people to talk more about therapy to normalize it, much like cannabis. Both have been stigmatized, especially in the Black community. Tiffany shared how she encouraged her husband to start therapy to heal past trauma. Now, they are both in therapy, separately. They swear by it, saying it allows them to focus on individual healing and their relationship overall. As a Black man, Corey said he’s finally come to a place in his life where he is taking care of his overall well-being with therapy and intentional cannabis consumption.

They also dish on how weed plays a role in their sex lives

Tiffany and Corey smoke weed together daily and say it’s the key to a happy marriage.

Weed is part of foreplay, during play and after play for this pair when it comes to intimate moments. They share how cannabis helps enhance closeness and brings out their vulnerabilities to stay connected with each other.

Corey and Tiffany are truly modern black love goals and it’s no wonder they admit to not arguing often. It’s hard to fight with someone who always makes you laugh and these two are never short on the jokes. They also share how their cannabis consumption has changed over the years for the better, ant they gave tips to couples curious about incorporating the cannabis plant in their relationship.

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