In this week’s episode of Blunt Blown’ Mama; Couples and Weed edition we sit down with Jessica Gonzales of ‘The Mommy Jane’ and her husband Jason. Jessica and Jason have two girls and live in the Bay Area. They met while working in the service industry and quickly got to know each other through social interactions and afterwork hangs. 

Jessica consumes THC and smokes weed while Jason doesn’t consume anything other than CBD

Jessica was smoking weed secretly and did not have a candid conversation about her cannabis consumption with her husband. This created unnecessary discomfort on both sides. Although Jason knew that she was smoking for years, Jessica felt unprepared and fearful to expose that vulnerability with her partner. While it was challenging and involved a lot of compromise Jessica and Jason established some guidelines. The couple set boundaries when it came to her cannabis consumption and how it tied into their relationship. 

Jessica started her brand ‘The Mommy Jane’ via IG, on the low to develop a community and educate other moms who also use cannabis for wellness. Jason shares his point of view on his wife’s weed habits and emphasizes the importance of communication and transparency. While he doesn’t judge anybody who decides to smoke weed, and consume THC, he sticks to the ultra low doses of CBD and doesn’t partake in consuming much outside of this.

The Gonzales’ believe that accurate dosage when consuming is imperative to having a positive holistic response

The couple recalls a time when Jason accidentally consumed too much of a CBD:THC combination.  Let’s just say a good time was not had. He felt anxious and immediately made his way home to his safe space. Jason emphasizes the importance to allow people to have their own journey, if they want to get super stoned that is their prerogative, but healthy boundaries and self awareness are key to keeping their cannabis use medicinal and of value.

Jessica is a big fan for cannabis use when it comes to the couple’s intimate moments

The cannamom shares how cannabis helps her when it comes to sexuality and intimacy, it allows for her mind to be free and to be in the moment. Weed also helps her let go of inhibition and connect with Jason more deeply.  It takes understanding and communication when it comes to a dynamic where one parent consumes cannabis and the other doesn’t. Both Jessica and Jason bring humor and honesty when it comes to their relationship and their ongoing dialog around cannabis consumption. After being together for 10 years they vibe off of each other and as an onlooker it is clear the duo have a kickass partnership.

Finally Blunt Blowin’ Mama picks Jessica’s brain regarding her brand and her rise as an expert on wellness and motherhood with cannabis. When it comes to her business she and Jason don’t see it becoming a family affair just yet. While Jessica is outgoing, Jason is a private person and doesn’t really like to be put on blast. This can create some challenges, but the support from her spouse is there, and anyone who sits and chats with them can see it. Here’s to celebrating love and normalizing conversations around weed.

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