Marlena and her husband Noah own and operate Zenbarn Farms, where they operate a restaurant that serves hemp infused food, a wellness studio, and event space in Vermont. The couple has two sons, ages 13 and 8, and they have never hid their cannabis consumption from their kids. They believe in arming their children with education about cannabis and hemp. Marlena has a chronic injury from an accident she had in her early twenties. While the accident itself was a terrible experience, the blessing was that she was able to receive her medical marijuana card. This enabled her to consume cannabis in different ways. She was able to familiarize herself with the different strains, terpenes, and ways to consume. This newfound knowledge not only helped her tend to the injury she incurred, it also helped shape the hemp infusion business she founded with her partner.

Marlena and Noah turned their passion of good food and good vibes into a business.

One of the first offerings at Zenbarn restaurant was hemp infused food and cocktails. Their plan blossomed based off the great response they had to their food infusions. This inspired Marlena and Noah to expand their business as well as explore the world of cannabis infused foods and drinks more deeply. They launched their CBD business in August of last year. Launching a new product right in the midst of the pandemic has really pushed the their team to get creative to get their business through hard times. Through sheer force of will and community support Zenbarn has been able to stay in operation, as well as experience some growth.

When it comes to intimacy and sexuality in their relationship the couple find it equally important to make time for themselves as well as each other. Noah noticed the pandemic was starting to really stress him out. Pair that with running a business and he was depleted. He learned that if he didn’t take a moment for himself to consume cannabis his preferred way he had a hard time staying present and being open. Marlena shares the importance of the couples’ morning ritual of drinking their coffee or tea with CBD honey together; she emphasizes that having one-on-one time to connect before the craziness of the day progresses is imperative.

The couple believes that real change starts locally

As always Blunt Blowin’ Mama never leaves social equity off the table when conversing about the weed industry. Zenbarn Farms donates a portion of their proceeds to their local community to increase awareness around the disparities in the prison system between black inmates and their white counterparts regarding nonviolent marijuana-related offenses. Finally, both Noah and Marlena feel a strong connection to their community, so starting small when it comes to the conversation around social equity in the weed biz aligns best with their business model.

These two are truly living the dream in Vermont on their farm with their family as they both own and operate their own cannabis business. It’s so refreshing to hear how much cannabis helps different couples. When we recorded this episode, Marlena was in Puerto Rico on a solo vacation at the urging of her husband. Noah said he wanted his wife to take a break from life in America during a pandemic. So, he sent her off on a vacay to get some rest and relaxation — now, that’s love!

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