A chance encounter led to a thriving relationship and a very cool idea

Karina and George are the co-founders of Pot Plant a hyper-real faux marijuana plant business. They’re both active in the cannabis industry and are passionate about innovation. They developed Pot Plant with the aim of hoping to eliminate the stigma of the pot plant in households. Karina and George believe the cannabis plant is gorgeous and they wanted their faux cannabis plants to be as authentic as possible so they created a prototype by growing their own weed plants in their backyard.

The Pot Plant is a great icebreaker and it helps facilitate conversations about weed that may not otherwise happen. The Pot Plant looks a lot like a real flowering plant. The co-founders did a deep dive into plant growth analysis to create the most authentic and realistic looking plant. The whole process took over a year to bring to market, with Karina and George going through four to five prototypes to perfect their product.

Karina and George met in 2017 at Coachella

They connected a bit even though they did not have any mutual friends. With some persistence, George was finally able to convince Karina to let him take her out; they have been inseparable ever since. Both of the co-founders of Pot Plant had some intense stories about their first time smoking weed, too. When it came to them smoking weed together, they talked for hours on their first lunch date when George cautiously asked Karina if she smoked cannabis, luckily she did! These true California residents admitted that they prefer to smoke weed over drinking alcohol. They said they enjoy the connection cannabis has helped them grow with each other.

Karina doesn’t believe in becoming too attached to any substance, but weed has always been part of her and George’s love story

When it comes to building a business together and being in a long-term relationship, there can be some interesting dynamics. Karina and George both emphasize the importance of smoking a joint or bowl before having difficult conversations to ease the energy. (Blunt Blowin’ Mama shares the rituals she and bae practice to really enjoy each other while they smoke, too.)

Karina and George love to cook together, and their favorite thing is to connect and smoke after prepping and placing a dish on the stove to simmer. They don’t leave weed out of the picture when it comes to intimacy in their relationship, as well. Karina is a big fan of hemp candles and massages and the couple is always open to new ways to spice up their love lives. Pot Plant is a beautiful and well-crafted product. It is clear it was conceptualized with immaculate attention to detail. Running a business together, while also being in a relationship can be a challenging experience, but Karina and George make it look easy. Check out the newest episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama to hear more of Karina and George’s story.

The Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast: Couples & Weed Edition will focus on highlighting couples the entire month of February.

Listen to episode 96 of the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast featuring Karina and George below:

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