In this week’s episode of Blunt Blown’ Mama we sit down with the innovative Precious Osaige-Erese

Precious is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of cannabis delivery service and e-commerce shop Roll Up Life. New Jersey has only recently legalized weed recreationally. But Precious and her business partner started crafting their concept for Roll Up Life just after medical marijuana became legal in 2016.  Although Roll Up Life has not yet been licensed or started deliveries, they have done plenty of crowdfunding and legislature work to push their company to the top to hit the ground running when they do get their licensing.

She studied the laws to ensure her business plan was aligned with what was legally capable in her state

Y’all know we never leave out social equity when sharing these stories. Precious has become intimately familiar with the New Jersey legislature regarding cannabis legalization. She even researched the state’s ambitious COVID-19 financial recovery plan. Based on this research, she believes the path to licensing for cannabis-related businesses in the state will be expedited. She shares that Jersey has lots of nuances in their bills that allow ethnic minorities to have some sort of equity within the industry. One guideline is that 30 percent of all applications have to go to minorities. Precious clarifies that she isn’t using her race as a way to get an unfair advantage in the industry, rather she sees it as an opportunity to create intergenerational wealth like her white counterparts.

Last but not least Blunt Blowin’ Mama and Precious emphasize the importance of black people participating in their local community meetings about marijuana laws and bills so they are part of the conversation. In addition to networking and supporting each others businesses. She never want’s to be a gatekeeper of information. There’s enough knowledge to be had for all of us to build wealth and be successful.

Finally, this episode is not only motivating. It’s incredibly educational as well. Scroll on down to find out how to get in touch with Precious, and find out more about Roll Up Life

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