Building a successful business is no easy feat, when that business is in the cannabis industry it may seem next to impossible! Julia lets us in on how she has been able to navigate the ever-changing landscape of legal weed. 

Aster Farms was born after a discussion between Julia and her husband Sam, they both saw a hole in the weed industry that their business could help fill . Sam’s family had been in the grow business for decades and had built a self sustaining off grid grow operation. The ability to grow a mostly self-sourced operation was well within their reach. With their combined skillset Julia knew that this business had the potential to be wildly profitable.

Aster Farms not only offers high quality flower with sustainability in mind, they also grow weed strains that are not being sold by any other company in the California market. This creates supply and demand for their product. Julia also wants their customers to feel informed when making a decision on what kind of high they are looking for, that is what makes the Day-to-Night Pack (just one of their innovative products) a great guide. There are 5 prerolls in a pack, and each joint gives the consumer a different vibe. Sunrise, Radiant, Sunset, Moonlight, and Outerspace. The customer can choose what fits their needs without Aster Farms having to get too specific with how they should feel. Due to ever changing cannabis regulation the Day-to-Night Bundle Packs aren’t currently available, but Julia has high hopes they will be back soon! To learn more about what it takes to launch a cannabis brand, how even small companies can make a difference when it comes to sustainability, and the importance of being equitable in the weed industry, check out the latest episode of Blunt Blowin’ Mama below!

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