This week on the Blunt Blowin’ Mama podcast we are featuring the innovative Eunice Kim, the founder of HiVi, which is short for High Vibrations. Eunice believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between wellness and weed. She originally went to school for fashion and media, while also having the experience of running a successful sneaker company.

Eunice did not smoke weed or dabble in cannabis until she was 30, this gave her a different point of view when it came to how she used the plant. Due to her living in New York (recreational marijuana is not legal in the state of New York) the start of her cannabis journey was eventful. Eunice found that the only way she could gain insight into cannabis consumption and the different ways it can affect the body and mind was to consume it!

Unfortunately, because weed was illegal in her state, there was no dispensary she could reference for assistance on her cannabis journey. This only left her with one option, Eunice had to make a connection with her local weed guy. Not only was this challenging to navigate, but the inconsistencies in the product quality and the dosage she received were plenty.

This resulted in some good, and not so good highs. Eunice wasn’t only looking to weed for a good time, she wanted a way to seamlessly add it to her conscious lifestyle. She didn’t feel comfortable ingesting something that she couldn’t analyze and research, which is why she created HiVi.

With HiVi, Eunice is committed to diversifying the cannabis space by elevating the voices of women of color on her platform. HiVi is all about radiating warmth and welcoming energy to those who need guidance with the plant. HiVi provides a breadth of knowledge, activism, and culture that is accessible to all cannabis users, no matter where they are in their journey.

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