Blunt Blowin’ Mama connects with the brilliant Shanel Lindsay, who founded cannabis company Ardent that encourages cannabis consumers to create their own edibles. The Ardent FX decarboxylator offers an elevated cooking experience without the mess or smell.  Her product has been tested extensively and her team uses data to make sure the user experience is optimal.  Shanel’s medical journey with cannabis started when she was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst, and before legalization, after researching the effects Tylenol and other pharmaceutical drugs can have on the body, she realized that cannabis was the best way to treat her illness. Living in a prohibition state created significant hurdles when it came to making sure she had access to her medicine. 

Back in 2010, before weed became recreationally or medically legal in Massachusetts, Shanel was arrested for possession of marijuana in the amount of 14 grams. Not only was this situation scary, but the ramifications of being a practicing attorney with a possession charge could also be a career-ender. She expected to receive a ticket but was completely shocked when the officers insisted on bringing her in. Being an attorney, Shanel knew that advocating for her rights was the only way she was going to receive fair treatment. From then on she was an avid petitioner for marijuana legalization while fighting for social equity for people of color in the industry. Her favorite way to consume cannabis is via edibles but the smell filled her home which was less than favorable. Although cannabis was decriminalized in Massachusetts, she was a black woman cultivating weed before legalization.

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