Blunt Blowin’ Mama and Mary Hines of JTT Accessories go over the challenges of being a Black mom entrepreneur in cannabis and the rewarding feeling of success. We go over the magic of a well-rolled joint and the value of looking cute and staying clean while smoking your joint. Mary admits she uses a joint roller for ease of access and Blunt Blowin’ Mama shares her joint rolling technique. We dive into Mary’s first time smoking, she reveals her first smoking experience was when she was younger and at camp. Note: We don’t condone underage consumption at Blunt Blowin’ Mama.

We emphasize  the medicinal use of cannabis and how it can help us moms mother, better. Mary lives in a prohibition state, but has made a thriving business manufacturing cannabis smoking apparatuses. We dive into the effect her business has had on her family dynamics. Mary also shares her birthing and pregnancy experience with her beautiful daughter. She had her daughter early and it was tough prepping for her homecoming, but she made it through with teamwork and CBD/THC. She breastfed for 8 months and consumed CBD the whole time, she opted to remove THC during her postpartum period because it helped her feel more balanced. Living in a prohibition state presented some challenges when trying to take her baby home but it all worked out with some communication. Mary had to prove her cannabis use was medicinal. She felt heard by the Social Worker, and found it resolvable by advocating for herself. We also discuss the disproportionate amount of black and brown moms affected by these policies. 

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