My sex life benefits the most from my cannabis use

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight Joy, founder of @mahogany.mary
“As women, we have to balance a lot. Keeping our families grounded, our relationships flourishing and businesses running. All of it takes a toll on our bodies and our mental health. I use cannabis as a way to decompress from a 12-hour day of emails, conference calls and building two cannabis brands (on top of having a full-time job). The @canndescent connect strain, @foriawellness infused lube and the massage candle are my favorite cannabis products to use for intimate moments.

“The part of my life that benefits the most from my cannabis use is my sex life. Due to the many balls I juggle, my mind is always going and my shoulders and back are forever tense. Smoking 30 minutes before I engage in sex relaxes my mind and body so that I can be present for myself and my partner. I also smoke before masturbation.” -Joy

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