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Welcome to Blunt Blowin’ Mama! I’m the HBIC. I’m a millennial mom of a 3-year-old, and I’m currently involved in a very healthy and happy relationship of over 6 years with my dream man aka my daughter’s daddy. I live in sunny California where marijuana will be legal recreationally starting Jan. 1, 2018. ⠀

But I’ll get to why you’re here: I smoke a LOT of fucking weed. Yep, you read that right.

And I’m not ashamed. Why should I? And why should you? Let’s do this together: parenting, adulting, womaning and being a POC. I aim to spread far and wide the truth about marijuana and how great it has been for me. Like, seriously? Let me be clear: I couldn’t do parenting without weed. OK! And I’m not fucking sorry for admitting it. Come with me on this journey by following, liking or sharing by using #bluntblowinmama

This is gonna be so much fun, y’all! Now, let’s get stoned together!

I’m a mom and I smoke weed

Personally, I stopped smoking weed for two years, starting after I found out I was pregnant with my first child, and it was really hard for me. I didn’t smoke at all for the nine months of my pregnancy or the 15 months afterward when I was breastfeeding because I thought I was doing what was best for my child.

But without weed in my life for those roughly two years was really hard, and I’m not saying that to make anyone feel sorry for me. At that time, I was grappling with a strong case of baby blues that many days felt like depression. I had hormones raging in my body as I transitioned from pregnant woman to breastfeeding woman. With all things considered, it took a toll on my mental health. Ultimately, I stopped breastfeeding after 15 months for multiple reasons with one of those reasons being that I needed to be able to consume cannabis, again. My return to smoking weed didn’t help me overnight but it helped my depression, my feelings of stress due to being a new first-time parent, and it finally allowed me to participate in the one escape that really allows me to calm my mind.

I made a vow to myself that if I ever became pregnant again that I would use cannabis. So when I found out I was pregnant last year, I was put to the test. Ultimately, I decided cannabis was best for me whether I was pregnant or not. I used cannabis up until my third trimester. I have no regrets and many thanks to cannabis because I was actually able to enjoy my pregnancy.

There’s nothing wrong with a mom who smokes weed

It was really hard for me to initially start this effort of mine here on Instagram because as a journalist I know how many people you can reach with a single message. But I never thought I would be brave enough to share mine. Luckily, @jared.tatum was the most encouraging because to him it seemed like a no-brainer to just live in my truth while speaking the truth about cannabis.

It may seem somewhat trivial but it’s a big deal for me to be open about my cannabis use — especially when so many members of my family don’t even know I smoke weed because I’m afraid or I just don’t want to deal with the judgement. There are also people who know I may have smoked in the past but they assumed I stopped after I had my daughter or they just think I only do it socially….
I’m actually still trying to figure out how to tell them I smoke weed so definitely more on that later. Anyways, all of that is to say, I’m so grateful and many thanks to you guys for all of the encouraging words.

After becoming a mom, I truly learned the definition of “it takes a village.” Because it really does take so many people to raise a child and we all need each other, too. So I feel so full with love to know there are other people who understand that there’s nothing wrong with at the end of the day having a little weed.

What do I plan to tell my daughter about my cannabis use?

More and more, I think about what I’m going to tell my daughter when she gets old enough about my cannabis use.

It’s not something I intend to hide. I plan to have a very honest conversation about why I smoke weed, why some people may be against it, explain to her how it’s legal in some states and not others, and then let her know that I support her if she does or doesn’t want to smoke when she becomes of legal age. I don’t want to project any old traumas on her I carry around from how much weed was stigmatized in my community and home. I want her to know the truth and make her own decisions. While I can only hypothetically think about how I would like that talk to go, I am not naive enough to think it will be an easy conversation. She’s only 3 years old now so who knows where marijuana legalization will stand in the U.S. when she gets older… hopefully more legal states and better rhetoric. But I will not depend on society to teach my daughter about cannabis, that education will start at home.

I’m a nurse who smoked weed during pregnancy and lactation

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight another woman who requested to remain anonymous.

She brings up great points about the bias some people have against people once they find out they smoke weed. But I believe those biases come from ignorance and a lack of education about cannabis. I don’t blame people for believing what our government and schools teach them.

“I’m a daily [weed] smoker who smoked during pregnancy and lactation. I’m an obstetrics nurse and I see how stigma and misinformation lead to shitty care and prejudice treatment of my patients. Without this powerful medicine, I would not be as productive and able to cope with the stresses of my life.” – anonymous nurse

Smoking weed makes me a better wife and mother

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight another woman @jenjilly81

“I’m a 36 year old wife and mother of 4. I’m a room mom, cross stitcher and a weed ‘cannaisseur.’ I live in a town know as ‘the community of churches’ in rural Indiana. I’ve been a daily smoker for about 10 years with a few brief breaks.

I am an avid smoker and hardcore advocate for cannabis. It makes me a better wife and a better mother. I am more patient, more kind, more thoughtful and definitely more creative. Weed helps me be the best person I can be.” – @jenjilly81

“While I was pregnant with my youngest (a 3-year-old and an 8-month-old) I had severe morning sickness. My doctor prescribed me the latest anti-morning sickness pill. I went back and forth on whether or not I should take it. I recalled that the last couple medications prescribed for morning sickness were found to cause some pretty severe birth defects. Long story short, I was miserable and I took my chances with weed rather than some pill that we won’t find out the true side effects of for another 10 years. My two youngest kids are happy and healthy kids with no medical problems.”

I was too scared to smoke weed when I was pregnant even though I really needed it

I’ll be the first to admit that my pregnancy was pretty easy. I have no horror stories. I never felt any contractions. My doctor had to break my water for me. I went to the hospital and after a few hours of napping I woke up, had a c-section and boom got a baby!

Anyways, I’ve been looking at all the pictures and video from when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I’m getting all the feels. I would always say before I had kids (I literally laugh at all the things I used to say before I actually had a child btw): “Why would someone want to have a child again after knowing EVERY SINGLE THING that happens during pregnancy and afterwards?”

Now, I know there’s no one answer to that question but… I will say there’s literally nothing in my entire life that was better than having a newborn. My ovaries ache in joy at how damn cute she was as a baby. But, now, I’m thinking and I’m like… does being pregnant again mean having to abstain from cannabis for another 1-2 years like the last time I was pregnant? I don’t know yet. I am still looking for reputable research, I’m listening to other women’s stories, and I’m trying to find what works best for me. I wish the answer to that question was easier. I really do.

This mom and dad aren’t afraid to say they smoke weed because it ‘makes us better parents’

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight another woman, @greengypsy_indicahunter

“We smoke because it makes us better parents. Him, being a veteran and suffering from PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder], and myself, a mama and a business owner. Smoking keeps us afloat from daily struggles, anxiety, and troubles. We are amazing parent and better people overall.” – @greengypsy_indicahunter

She brings up so many excellent points. Many people only know what their school and the federal government has taught them about cannabis. However, we don’t get taught all the medicinal purposes of cannabis. It can treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression and so much more. In fact, I would argue that most people who use cannabis are using it for emotional or mental health reasons, which should be recognized more since the last time I checked… cannabis isn’t addictive unlike many of the prescription drugs out there. Also, in my humble opinion: couples that smoke weed together, stay together.

Meet a mom who preferred to use cannabis during pregnancy over medication from her doctor

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight another woman, @lyns.mind

“I am a cannabis mom and I am medicating during my pregnancy. I am 34 weeks and your page gives me such hope in my parenthood and in being able to continue to use cannabis as a single mom. Smoking [weed] three years prior to pregnancy — I just felt more comfortable with medicating with cannabis rather than the pills that they [doctors] would prescribe me for my pains and nausea [during pregnancy].” ” – Sage Green Bby

This mom used cannabis before, during and after her pregnancy

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight another woman, @monicaanne710

She wants other moms out there who use cannabis to know that they are not alone: “Cannabis momma, pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and after [I gave birth]. And he’s so healthy and bright❤. As a mom with anxiety and chronic pain, cannabis helps to calm me and organize that never-ending to do list. [Cannabis] keeps me pain free so I can enjoy the time with my son.” – @monicaanne710

Meet a mom who smoked ‘throughout my entire pregnancy,’ saying weed helped her be a ‘better’ parent

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight the woman behind @euphoricbakery420: Adrianna.

“I smoked throughout my entire pregnancy. My doctor told me it was worse to shock my body and stress out my baby [than it is] to maintain a minimum [cannabis] dosage while pregnant. The few times I tried to quit I couldn’t eat and I got a lot more sick. Marijuana helped me SO much with morning sickness and my hip displacia during pregnancy. I wish they could do more research because so many women are hospitalized during pregnancy because of the nausea and not eating or consuming fluids.

“Anyway I just wanted to share my story a little bit with you. Mary moms for the win! All the wine moms are not getting judged… I personally think the effects of alcohol make it a lot more challenging to care for a child. Yet marijuana has helped me be a better mother. I have a very colicky baby girl, and, some days, if I don’t have my flower to relax even for five minutes I don’t think I would have made it past seven months without going completely insane.” – Adrianna

A woman who proudly admits that cannabis was her only relief against nausea while pregnant

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight a woman who would like to remain anonymous.

“I’m 34 weeks pregnant, and I’m a cannabis mom! This is my second pregnancy I smoked during. My first is now almost 5-years-old, and she’s brilliant and you would never know I smoked throughout the pregnancy and while nursing for three and a half years! I was so sick the whole entire pregnancy and cannabis was my only relief. I continued to smoke with this pregnancy because I knew my first was fine and, again, the nausea and vomiting was horrible! No one but my husband knows I still smoke weed. I don’t want anyone I know to know I am smoking weed while pregnant. I hate how close-minded people are. I would get judged and most likely lose a lot of friends and family, unfortunately.” -anonymous

Cannabis helped this mom get through the ‘terrible twos’

Blunt Blowin’ Mama would like to spotlight Danielle. ⠀

“Cannabis has helped me keep my sanity through the ‘terrible twos.’ If I hadn’t been so hard on myself, I would’ve used it during infancy as well, but I was my own worst critic! Now, I’m calm and we are both happy and healthy. Now, I am calm and we are both happy and HEALTHY!” – Danielle

This is the most important point. I think so often women do what they think society wants them to do at the expense of their own health and happiness. If consuming cannabis makes you feel happy and healthy, then do you!

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  1. Thank you. In Poland it’s not legall so I couldn’t find any stories of mums who where smoking. Thank you again because I felt like a monster that I am still smoking weed a little bit everyday. I am 4 Mont pregnant. I am trying to quit as well but I also have a depression and it is really hard for me. Have a great Day!

  2. Thank you for this!

  3. I’m so glad I found this blog! I have been so nervous about smoking while pregnant. I am generally trying to avoid it but have smoked for the 3rd time now (I am 11 weeks).Thanks for advocating <3

  4. I’m a cannabis mom im 38 weeks pregnant and it really helps me relax especially my hip pain and those long uncomfortable nights I find nothing wrong with this…the only things for me is has anyone had problems with the hospital knowing you smoke weed? Or weed being in your baby system? My due date is coming and I just want to make sure I’m prepared for anything

    1. I’ve been told by a woman who smoked weed while pregnant, that she stopped at 28 weeks so it can be out the babies system in time for delivery and that avoid any issues with the hospital and cps. I’m curious how did it work it for you?

  5. I truly appreciate this post. Thank you!

  6. For the moms who smoked and breastfed, did the pediatrician know? We’re you reported? In Illinois, it is recreationally legal, but unsure of any legal consequences

  7. For the moms who smoked and breastfed, did the pediatrician know? We’re you reported? In Illinois, it is recreationally legal, but unsure of any legal consequences

  8. Thanks for this. I have being afraid of smoking while breastfeeding, but every time I do it It just make me feel less stress and I have being able to relax. I did stop smoking during pregnancy. Now my baby boy is 3 months and I smoke 1 a week, which helps me to get through all the insomnia and hormones changes.

  9. I’m so happy I found this page. This has taken a huge burden off of me. Thank you for all the other moms for sharing their stories!!! Truly

  10. Hello ! Question if you breastfeed while pregnant and go to the baby’s pediatrician and they do his routine check up Will they call cps ? That’s what I’m afraid of

  11. I am so happy to be reading this blog and these comments right now!! This is my first pregnancy but I have smoked daily for over 2 years now. I immediately stopped smoking once I found out but the past week my nausea has kept me up and down all night and feeling like crap at work all day. I’ve been taking 1 edible a day and cutting it up to make it last all day and have felt SO GOOD! I was feeling guilty about how good I felt but that nausea was just too awful for me.

  12. I’m a blunt smoking mom and the amount of misinformation I have read … this page was so heart warming for me because I too am a blunt smoking mama 2nd child and had severe nausea.. unfortunately I’m scared they will test me and not let me breast feed which I did with my previous pregnancy but they checked her 1st poop and called child services on me even though we were both healthy and clean .. now I’m on pills just to avoid that in my final weeks thank you for this post

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